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Working in a startup is a perfect opportunity for learning. There is never a lack of opportunity to learn about software engineering, marketing, finance, and more. But even in such an environment, it’s easy to get trapped in a bubble leaving you blind to how else things can be done. Luckily working in Europe I’ve had the opportunity to visit startups in many countries.

Soon I’ll be making a trip to the unofficial Mecca of startups, Sillicon Valley, for the first time. The things (both positive and negative) I’ve heard about the valley are enough to make me very interested in what I’m about to see. The following are just a few of things I’m looking forward to learning more about while in the Valley.

  • Engineering at Scale: The scale we’ve reached at Wunderlist is nothing to laugh at, but we don’t even come close to the likes of companies like Twitter and Whatsapp. What are some of the issues companies with hundreds of millions of users face?

  • Rust: I’ve also become very interested in new programming languages such as Mozilla’s Rust programming language. I hope to meet some others in the area that are actively working on the language.

  • Daily Operations: I would also like to see how Silicon Valley companies operate on a daily basis. Seeing pictures of certain offices in the Valley makes some stories of excess very easy to picture. How does this manifest itself in the day-to-day? What are the opinions on those that work in these offices with regard to elaborate offices and lavish amenities?

  • Different Software Domains: Finally I hope to branch a bit out of niche of tech I normally find myself in. While many Silicon Valley companies work on consumer apps for mobile and desktop built around RESTful web APIs just like we do, I hope to meet others working on different problems using different technologies. I hope to meet those working on such things as software for NGOs, difficult machine learning problems, software for different hardware such as wearables and more!

If you’d like to hear about the problems we’re solving at Wunderlist or what it’s like working in Europe, feel free to message me on Twitter!